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Do you want to get the same landscaping leads?

We get leads for landscaping businesses by building and optimizing their websites for SEO.
These are the calls one of our clients received. He used to get only a couple of calls every now and then and now he gets 40+ calls a month.

How We Get Landscaping Leads

What do we do?

Our company works with landscaping businesses and helps them secure a steady stream of leads through their website.

The strategy we use is simple but highly effective.

  1. First we build a beautiful website that properly represents your company. (Here is an example)
  2. Then we optimize your website so that it shows up high on Google when people search for landscapers in your area.
  3. If you already have a website, you might start to see results immediately after we are done optimizing it.
  4. The leads that you get will be calls and contact form submissions on your website.

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The People Behind Adapt Digital Solutions

My name is Chuck and I’m the owner of ADS. My background is in residential construction where I worked with my father in our family’s remodeling company for over a decade. Out of necessity, I learned how to market our company and eventually got us to the point where we could bring in enough work on our own through our marketing without having to rely on third parties like HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List.

5 years after embarking on this journey, I have built a small team of expert marketers who are passionate about helping our clients build their businesses through online marketing. We offer top-of-the-line marketing services that really have no competition. While all of the other marketing companies are busy copying each other, we are thinking through problems critically and paying attention to customer experience as our guiding focus. It pays off by getting our customers amazing results that they just couldn’t find anywhere else.

We don’t work with everyone, but if we believe your company and ours are a good fit for a successful relationship, we will bend over backwards to help you achieve your goals.

Marketing for Landscaping Companies

Landscaping Client

Lundy's Lawn Care

We built a new website for Aaron Lundy and we optimized it. We also optimized his Google Business Listing and here is how many leads his business received over the past 3 months:
Landscaping Client

Chiles Enterprises

We have been working with Wesley for more than 2 years. We applied the same strategy to his business and it produced a steady flow of leads. Here is how many leads he received over the past 3 months:

Listen to Aaron share his experience of working with us!

Why does this strategy work so well?

Show up when people need you

Everybody uses the internet. When somebody needs a landscaper, they are going to go on Google and look for landscapers in their area, those that show up first will be the ones that get the most visibility and website visitors.

That’s exactly what we do. We work on your website and we optimize it so that Google shows your website higher when people search for your services.

The main reason why this strategy works so well is because you are basically advertising to people that look for your services. That’s why most of our leads are easily closed as well.

What happens after they find you?

Showing up on Google when people search for your services is only one part of the equation. What happens after your potential customers find you and they go to your website? Is your website going to assure them that your business can help them?

Once potential customers visit your website, we will show them beautiful pictures of your work, we will explain the benefits of your services and we will answer all of their questions.

Then, when customers compare multiple different companies, they mostly choose our clients. This is what sets us apart and why our websites get a lot of leads.

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Let me save you some time with a short video on how local service companies get leads online.