Maintenance and Support for your Website

A website is like a work truck. It’s a tool that will allow you to earn more money from your business. Like a work truck, a website requires maintenance and upkeep in order to stay functioning at optimal levels. It can also be improved on a regular basis to become even more useful for getting more customers and growing your business.

Let us take care of it

While some choose to maintain their website themselves, neglecting it entirely is not a good option. Sooner or later something will go wrong and it will end up costing a lot more to fix it than it would have to just maintain. Things that can go wrong:

  • A contact form breaks and people try to contact you but you never get the message.
  • A hacker gets into your website and turns it into a scam store in Japan (actually happened!).
  • A critical update is missed and leaves your website exposed to hackers.
  • Parts of your website break causing your company to look unprofessional.

Hackers are out in full force!

As soon as a website touches the internet, there are thousands of hackers trying to get into it. People around the planet have created bots that roam the internet nonstop trying to break into websites.

About 6 months ago, one of my own websites,, was hacked by someone who created a Japanese eCommerce store that sold fake products. Luckily we caught it within a month, but a lot of damage had already been done. My website was showing up on Google for tons of weird stuff. To this day there are still some of my webpages in Google showing even though they don’t actually exist anymore. It won’t be much longer and Google will stop showing them entirely.

I was very lucky that we caught it early because we were able to reverse the damage being done and rescue the website. This is important because this website brings in 20+ high quality leads every month for my family’s remodeling business. To lose that would have been a huge blow to us.

This example shows how important it is to be paying attention to your website on a regular basis. A website is usually the first impression people get for you and your business so keeping it an A+ makes everything else in the business easier.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

The Bare Necessities

The no-hassle way to keep your website working all the time without ever having to think about it. At ADS, we have an ecosystem of websites that we maintain and keep operational. We routinely log in to update the software and keep everything secure. We monitor the performance and even do manual spot checks to make sure the people visiting your website are getting the best

Website Care Plan

A long-term growth plan

As your business grows, your website grows with it. This is like having someone in-house that manages your website, only you don’t have to pay another salary. The website care plan includes everything in the basic plan plus: A spam blocker that keeps out 99% of those pesky spam messages Access to an expert marketer for 3 hours per month for edits and additions. Regular backups in case something goes wrong, your website can be restored.

Custom Marketing Services

For when you want to be aggressive in your business growth

Search Engine Optimization

Allow people to find you on Google when they search for your service in your areas in order to get more phone calls and more customers.

Google Ads Management

Advertise for people searching for your products and services. We can put you exactly where people are looking and even build awareness of your brand in general.

Let me save you some time with a short video on how local service companies get leads online.