Why is SEO a Monthly Service?

A lot of people ask my SEO is an ongoing service and not something that can be done all at once. It’s a tough question to answer without going into the technical details. In this video, I use a football team as an analogy to help illustrate why SEO and marketing, in general, is something that is ongoing and not something that can be “Set it and forget it”.

I relate marketing to playing on a sports team. Starting with a good website and an optimized Google Maps listing is like starting a football season with a well-practiced team. Everyone on the team is well-conditioned and ready to go. They still have to hit the road and go play the games.

Being on the road playing games against the competition is what I equate to marketing and SEO on a monthly basis. We have to have our eyes wide open assessing the playing field and reacting to the field and the competition. It’s a constant battle.

Providing Marketing and SEO services on an ongoing basis also opens the door for other types of solutions to problems our customers didn’t even know they have. I share an anecdote in this video about a client of ours who is a landscaper. They have dozens of employees and are always in need of equipment repairs. We created a form on their website for their employees to use to submit maintenance requests to management. This streamlines their maintenance process and saves them a lot of time and hassle.

It’s little things like this that are an added benefit of working with a company like ADS on an ongoing basis. Even if we’re talking strictly marketing and SEO, you have to have a strategy that is constantly growing and adapting to the market. If you don’t, then you will lose customers to the competition that does.

I hope that helps clear the air on this question. If you have further questions, drop them in the comments and I’ll be sure to respond in a future video. Thanks for watching!

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