SEO for Immigration Lawyers

I first started performing SEO services for attornies at the beginning of 2018 after I finished building a new website for a law office with locations in multiple states. The new website was bringing in a ton of new customers for location 1, but location 2 was not so lucky. I was tasked with solving this problem and SEO was the solution.

SEO is all about winning the battle on the Google Search Engine. With the majority of people turning to Google when it’s time to find a lawyer, it’s critical that your website shows up at the top. The website in the top position gets the largest share of search traffic and therefore phone calls and customers.

Having a great website is only half the battle. Helping the right people find it is where the money is at.


How SEO Works for Immigration Lawyers

For many folks, SEO seems like a black hole of optimizations and analytics. It’s nowhere they want to go… But, once you get a little more advanced you realize that it’s just a game. When someone searches for something on Google, they get 10 pages of search results and each page contains 10 results. The websites that are in the top 3/100 spots get almost all the visitors. Let’s be real, people assume the first results are the best and oftentimes they are right!

You’ve surely heard of the 80/20 rule, right? That’s the natural law that states 20% of businesses will earn 80% of the profits on average. Well, with Google Search it’s a 3/90 rule where 3% of websites get 90% of the visitors.

SEO is about being in the top 3%, preferably the top 1%. You have to be the best to win this game. Landing in 5th place will leave you broke.


Steps to Performing SEO for Attorneys

It all starts with keywords. Who is your ideal client and what are they typing into Google to find an immigration lawyer? An obvious one is “immigration lawyer near me”. You ought to be showing up for that keyword if you are an immigration lawyer near the person searching, right?

So, you make a list of the keywords that people might type in to find you. That’s the starting point.


On-page Optimizations

Next, you optimize your website with the chosen keywords starting with the ones you deem most valuable. There are hundreds of things you can optimize on a website but the most important ones are urls, title tags, and heading tags. If you don’t know what these things are, you should probably just call me and let us take care of the optimizations for you. It takes years to master the art of SEO and it’s very affordable when it’s earning you money.


Measuring the Results of Your Optimizations

Next, you watch and see what Google does with the changes you’ve made. Usually, you will notice changes within the first few days after making them but it can take weeks or even months, sometimes depending on factors that are outside of our own control.

We use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see how many people are finding your website, what pages they visit, and how long they spend on those pages. We also learn what they typed into Google to find your website. Ding Dong. The wheels are turning. You know what the next step is, don’t you?


Iterate Through the Process Again and Again

Now, it’s time to repeat the process, only this time we have real data to work with instead of guesses we come up with. SEO is a race and consistent measuring and optimization are how you move the vehicle forward. As long as you are beating the competition, you are winning the race and getting the majority of new customers.


Let’s Figure It Out Today

You came here for a reason and that reason was to figure out how to get your website in the top spot so you can grow your business without having to worry about finding enough new customers. It’s time to enlist our services and let us help you win the race and get those customers that are now going to your competition. We know you can help those people better than they can, so we want to help you do just that.

Let’s connect and schedule a call where we can dive into your options and discuss the details of getting you to the top of page 1 on Google Search.


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Charles Kile

General Contractor at Kile Construction LLC
in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Owner of Adapt Digital Solutions.

Charles Kile

Director of Marketing and Lead Gen at Adapt Digital Solutions.

Partner at NL Kile Construction LLC 

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