The Right (And Wrong) Way to Answer Phone Calls for Your Business

Hundreds of people have come through my YouTube channel and watched my videos and scheduled calls with me and talked to me on the phone. One thing I’ve noticed after speaking to so many of you is that a lot of you do not answer the phone the right way.

Now, here’s what I’m talking about. When somebody calls you and they’re trying to reach a business and you just pick up the phone and you’re like, “Hello??”, that doesn’t come off very professional. What you want to do is at a bare minimum let people know who they’ve reached.

When people call me I say, “Hello this is Chuck”, and that way I let them know who they’ve reached. Otherwise, you have to ask, “hello is this Jason?”, or whatever. And I just have realized that after calling so many of you, if you answer the phone and you don’t tell me who I’m talking to then I have to ask. It just makes the conversation a little weird.

If I’m calling a business, then I expect somebody to answer the phone as a business. Or if I’m calling a specific person but I’ve never called them before I expect them to let me know that I’ve called the right person.

So, if you carry a phone with you and this is your business line and you have potential customers or other companies, vendors, whatever calling you, just make sure that you introduce yourself when you answer your phone. Otherwise, people are going to think they got the wrong number and that’s not good for your business.

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