The Man Who Hated Ledger Locks – Friday Story Time

I just got a text message from one of my friends. He’s been a best friend since high school, from middle school, and for a while, he worked with my family’s remodeling company, and this one time he did like the goofiest thing ever. It’s such a funny story!

We were working on this pergola that was built off the side of this house that’s up above the water. This house is right on the lake and we had to assemble a bunch of scaffolding we used ledger locks, like six-inch ledger locks, to hold these planks onto the scaffolding. It was a rainy cold day and my dad told my friend, I’ll try not to mention him by name because I don’t want to embarrass him, but he told him to go disassemble the scaffolding and to save all the ledger locks because ledger locks are really expensive.

My friend comes back to my dad about two hours later and he hands him this handful of ledger locks and they’re all just twisted up and mangled and bent to a 90 degree and just ruined. My dad’s like “How did you do this?”. Apparently, he took a nail bar and he pried apart all the ledger locks and that’s why it took him two hours. He was so tired, winded and it was just one of those things that are really, “Why didn’t you just use a screw gun to take this apart?”.

That’s the story. I think we always get a good laugh at it about once a year whenever somebody brings it up. You know, sometimes people really surprise you with the things that they do.

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