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Google Ads for Lead Generation and Sales

You’re looking for a way to create a consistent flow of new customers coming into your world. Maybe you’ve tried doing this before. Some things worked, others didn’t. You’re ready to make a move but you aren’t sure what to do.

Well, you’re not alone. Hundreds of people find this page every month and by the time they finish reading, they have a good idea of what Google Ads is and how it can work for them.

First of all, you need to understand what Google Ads is and what it isn’t. The name of the game is being at the top of the front page of Google. Here’s a breakdown of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

The vast majority of people use Google search to find goods and services they’re looking for. This has made the first page of Google a very desirable place to be for businesses or anyone who wants to be found.

Most likely, the market is saturated with businesses like yours. If you were the only one, you wouldn’t need to advertise. If you want to be picked first, you have to be at the front of the line. Getting your website to the front of the line naturally can be difficult, especially if there’s already a long line. Lucky for us there’s a way to cut in line. It’s called Google Ads.

Google is happy to place your website at the top of the SERP as long as you are willing to pay them each time someone clicks. That’s why Google Ads is called Pay per Click advertising.

When someone clicks on your ad, you can send them to a few different places. One option is to send them to your website where they can learn more about your company and the products/services you provide. Another option is to have a special “landing page” which is similar to a website only with fewer distractions. Finally, you can make your ads go directly to a phone call to your company. A good strategy often takes advantage of two or more of these options.

Google Ads Retargeting

You might have heard of the term retargeting, but do you know what it means? A simple way to think of it is like this. Imagine if you could keep track of everyone that came to your website or even visited a certain page of your website. Perhaps it’s the page that you send Google Ads clicks to.

What if you could show special advertisements to these people. This is retargeting.

If you’ve seen random ads on different websites while cruising the internet, then you have been the target of Retargeting. 

Retargeting is a great way to follow up with possible customers in a simple and scalable way. Most of the time this method of using Google Ads increases the overall ROI of the campaigns.

Does Google Ads Always Work?

Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords, has been around for 20 years. It is the number one driver of revenue for Google and its parent company Alphabet. This is the biggest clue that Google Ads works. If it didn’t, people wouldn’t be spending billions on it.

While the Google Ads side of marketing is predictable, it’s the business side that is unpredictable. It’s critical to keep track of all the related metrics in your business in order to know if your marketing strategies are meeting your goals. Some important metrics to know are:

  • The lifetime value of a customer (CLTV)
  • How many leads you need to make a sale (Close rate)
  • The bottom line (ROI)

From our side we can track customers all the way to the point where we hand them off to you. It’s up to you to track them after that. We can assist you in setting up systems to track everything you need to be aware of.

Why Google Ads Sometimes Doesn't Work

If you aren’t able to track these metrics, it’s impossible to know for sure if Google Ads is meeting your goals. If you don’t have goals, then you don’t have anything to relate the metrics to.

In our experience, Google Ads always does what it’s supposed to. It’s usually something else in the system that is lacking that causes a client to realize that Google Ads isn’t working for them.

The bottom line is this: Are you seeing a positive ROI on your investment into Google Ads? If the answer is yes, then it’s working. If the answer is no, then we either need to figure out why and fix it, or look for other ways to market your business.

How You Can Get Started

First of all, you need to have goals. We prefer to work with SMART goals.

Once you have identified your goals, you need to know your metrics.

  • How much do you want to spend to acquire a new customer?
  • How many sales do you want to get?
  • What is your budget?

Having goals and answering these questions is a good place to start. After that, you can work with our team to come up with a Google Ads strategy that fits you.

If you’re interested in going through this process, please contact us to find out if you qualify for Google Ads services.

Let me save you some time with a short video on how local service companies get leads online.