Local Business Marketing Hack: GMB Photos and Reviews


All local businesses these days have an amazing opportunity and it lies right at the top of the Google SERP, or Search Engine Result Page.

Just take a look. A significant portion of the prime real estate near the top of the page is dedicated to Google Maps. Being one of the three businesses in this box is like being on stage in front of thousands of people. Needless to say, if you aren’t in this box, not very many people are finding you…


There are lots of ways to get in this box, but I’m only going to talk about two of them today.

  1. Having lots of photos
  2. Having lots of reviews

I know what you’re thinking. Probably something like, “Ya well I’m really busy and I don’t have time to post photos and ask for reviews.”

First of all, bs. Second of all, why don’t you get your employees to do it?


That’s the hack! Incentivize your employees to post photos on your GMB and you will have a whole mess of photos online for people to see. Google will see that people are looking at you and take that as a signal that you’re valuable, so it will show you more often.


The same goes for reviews. If Google sees you getting a steady flow of good reviews, they are going to move you up the list of businesses they show. If you’re in the top three, you’ll get in that magic box.

Well Pumps company in Grants Pass

How to incentivize employees to do your marketing.

  1. Pay them 50 cents for each photo they post.
  2. Pay them $25 for each review they get that mentions them by name. (Good reviews only please)

That’s it. It’s really simple.

If you have 10 employees and offer each one up to $20 per month by posting photos, you will have 400 new photos every month. That’s a ridiculous amount of photos and if one thing is for sure about internet marketing, it’s this: Quantity matters.


As for reviews, I wouldn’t even cap it. Each review can be worth thousands to your business so paying $25 to get one is a no-brainer.

Compare the company with 100+ 5 star reviews with the company with zero and who do you think is going to get more customers? The answer is obvious.


That’s it. It’s super simple and I love simple. Stack a ton of photos and reviews on your GMB listing (Google Maps) and you will see an increase in business in no time.

What do you have to say about this?

Charles Kile

General Contractor at Kile Construction LLC
in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Owner of Adapt Digital Solutions.

Charles Kile

Director of Marketing and Lead Gen at Adapt Digital Solutions.

Partner at NL Kile Construction LLC 

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