Facebook Ads Case Study for a Window Installation Company in Atlanta

What You’ll Get From Reading This Article

The purpose of this article for you is to learn from the actions and success of other contractors. Facebook (Meta) ads are a very common marketing strategy and one of the most misunderstood in my opinion. There are many marketers out there that would like you to think it’s hyper-complicated and outside of your realm of understanding but I assure you it’s not. Let me show you why.


Facebook (Meta) Ads Work Great When You Have a Great Offer

The hardest part of marketing for any business is coming up with an offer that is good enough it sells itself. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a total requirement to have a business, after all, I would say 90% of companies out there do not have a great offer. They make the same offer everyone else does and it makes what they sell something like a commodity.

The key to having a super successful advertising campaign is presenting an offer that, in the words of Alex Hermozi, “is so good that people feel dumb saying no to it.”

If your offer is that good, it will sell itself, and marketing it will be as simple as getting in front of the right people. That’s our job and this client made it easy by providing us with a killer offer.


Competitors Hate How This Company Makes it All About Price

Most salespeople try very hard to steer the sales conversation away from price. They know they are not the cheapest option so they bring up things like quality, convenience, warranties, etc. This window replacement company in Marietta, GA does the complete opposite and their competitors hate it!

Their ability to charge less than their competition is due to the fact that they source their windows locally. Saving tons on shipping costs and supply chain delays allows them to charge up to 50% less than everyone else, many of which are national companies.

So, here’s the offer. Are you ready?

Locally made windows installed in your home for half the price.”

Let me ask you if you were in the market to replace all 30 windows in your home, would you feel dumb not considering this offer? Of course, you would! That’s what makes their Facebook Ads successful. That one sentence.


But Wait, There’s More! The Secret Sauce

I’ve already given you the keys to the kingdom but what article of mine would be complete without giving you a little secret sauce. This nugget of wisdom cost me thousands of dollars to learn and today, it’s yours in exchange for the time it takes to read the next sentence.

The key to Facebook (Meta) Ads is to let Facebook (Meta) handle the targeting.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, if you’ve ever run ads on this platform, you know that you have about a bazillion options for targeting a certain type of person. The thing is, the algorithm is much better at finding people than we are. I commonly leave targeting completely open with one exception, geographic location. I don’t want my local ads shown to the whole world. Besides that, let Facebook (Meta) figure it out.


So, What is Your Offer?

You’re probably very excited right now about running some new ad campaigns. As you now know the first step is finding an offer that is so good people feel dumb saying no to it. Luckily for you, you don’t have to figure this out on your own.

What you do is create 3-5 ad campaigns that have identical ads except for one part, the offer. You test these offers on real people. I usually start these campaigns at $10/day and let them run to $100. The ones that produce keep going and the ones that don’t, get paused. Eventually, I find one or two offers that do really well and I’ll start to test other parts of the ad.

It’s very simple. Read that last paragraph a few times if you feel confused. The simplicity can be misleading but usually, the most successful things in business and marketing are very simple.


So, You Want Us to Do This for You?

I don’t blame you for wanting to let professionals handle this stuff. The Facebook (Meta) dashboard alone takes months to figure out. It’s quite complicated and non-intuitive. Usually, your time is better spent calling the leads that come in once we get things going.

If you’re interested in talking to me about working together, go ahead and fill out the form on this website. You’ll hear from us within 24 hours to schedule an appointment to talk to me about what’s going on and how we might help.

Just a heads up, we have a very full schedule and are usually at least 3-4 weeks out from starting any new projects so don’t hesitate if you want to get the ball rolling. Better to be early than never! Thanks for reading.

Chuck – Owner of Adapt Digital Solutions

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