Website Design for the Medical Group Managers Association of Utah

The Client: MGMA Utah

The Medical Group Managers Association of Utah is a non-profit organization composed of medical group practice managers who come together to share knowledge and training relating to medical group management. They are one of fifty state subsidiaries of the national MGMA.

The Status Quo

MGMA Utah’s main event is the Annual Spring Conference. They also host a Fall conference that is quite popular. The board of directors was looking for a way to add more value to the members and sponsors throughout the rest of the year, in between their main events.


In a technological world that is constantly evolving, their website grew outdated and no was no longer fully functional on the devices people were using to log in. They decided it was time to upgrade their web presence and take advantage of the tools available to provide more value to the members and sponsors.


Improving communication was a top priority as well as finding a way to rethink the monthly newsletter they had been putting out for years. Adapt Digital Solutions was hired in the fall of 2017 to help the board figure out a plan to accomplish their goals and design a web experience that would spotlight the organization and provide more value to its membership.

Original Desktop Version of

UMGMA website before the new design

The New Website Looks Great on All Screen Sizes


Easy Editing

Another important feature the new website needed to have was the ability to be edited by the administrator of MGMA Utah so there wouldn’t be the constant need to hire a professional coder to make changes. Special software was used in the development of the website to allow the administrator to make edits and additions to the website with a simple drag and drop functionality.


Sponsor Logo Visibility

One of the main goals of this project was to increase the visibility of sponsor logos and website links in order to provide them with more valuable exposure and attract more sponsors in the long run. The platinum sponsor’s logos stay on the top of the screen under the header no matter where you go on the website. This offers maximum exposure to the top sponsors.


Better Communication

Another goal was to increase the effectiveness of communications with members about upcoming events and make sure everyone was aware of what is going on. An event calendar page was created to provide an easy way for the administrator to add and subtract events, provide additional information about the events in an orderly way, and allow members to add the events to their Google Calendar with the click of a button.


Job Board

Next, a job board was added that would allow members to post jobs in their particular practices. A functionality was added that allows non-members to post on the job board as well for a fee. This creates additional revenue for the MGMA Utah that they can use towards overhead, events, etc. The job listings are set on a timer and stay active for three months.



Finally, a Blog page was added to replace the newsletter. This gives the board the ability to easily broadcast news articles and messages to the entire membership. It also offers the opportunity for members to create articles related to the field of medical management that can be shared with all of their fellow members. The creation of new content adds to the overall value of the website as a whole.

The Desktop Version of the New Design New Design

After the Launch

Facebook Group

During our original talks, better communication among the membership was a huge priority. We decided to launch a private Facebook group just for the MGMA Utah members. This acts as a 24/7 chat room for everyone and enhances the efficiency of communication immensely. Members can be reached immediately and questions rarely go unanswered.


Website Care Plan

To keep the website running properly, a monthly maintenance plan was set up. A standard Website Care Plan was decided on so the board could rest assured that the website would be constantly updated and stay secure. Backups of the website are created on a daily basis so if anything ever happens and the website goes down, it can be restored immediately. All hosting and software fees are packaged together with 2 hours per month for technical support, edits, and additions to the website.


MGMA Utah started 2018 with a renewed vigor brought about by the launch of their new website. The reception of the new design has been fantastic and all the members are enjoying the enhanced communication brought about by the Facebook group. The timing was perfect, as the national MGMA website was redesigned and launched shortly after in March of 2018. The two websites go together very nicely. It’s given the MGMA Utah an enhanced reputation as they continue to grow their membership along with the ability to easily grow in the future.

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Charles Kile

General Contractor at Kile Construction LLC in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Owner of Adapt Digital Solutions