Case Study: Web Design and SEO for Immigration Lawyer with Locations in Different States

Case Study: Immigration Lawyer Website, SEO, GMB with a Review Funnel

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The Brief

Sarah Loftin and Karima Masri recently opened a second law office in another state. With an office in San Diego, California, and Hillsboro, Oregon, their online marketing plan needed to adapt to the new business structure. Getting found by customers online was a major concern so SEO was part of the plan from day one.

A lot of their customer base is made up of Spanish speaking people, so it was important that the website could be read in Spanish as well as English.

Our Approach to Marketing

When a business opens up a new location their marketing is basically starting from scratch. There’s are certain actions that need to be taken for any kind of local business:

  • Build a website with sound SEO fundamentals

  • Create and complete a GMB Listing (Google Maps) and link it to your homepage

  • Create listings in all of the local directories (Citations) that link to your homepage

  • Develop a strategy for collecting reviews from customers

Since L&M have two locations, the website needed to be structured in a way where each location could have its own location page with that locations particular details, separate from the main website.

Each location also needed its own GMB listing that linked to the related location page.

Adding to the complexity of this project was that each page needed to be in English and Spanish.

The website was completed in six pages:

  • 2x homepages
  • 2x San Diego Pages
  • 2x Hillsboro Pages

Once the website was done, a maintenance plan was agreed upon so Adapt Digital Solutions would continue to manage the website and all related tasks.

Review Funnel

A separate review funnel website was created for each location. The purpose of this page is to allow a simple and easy way for customers to leave reviews on Google, Facebook, and any other related websites that allow for reviews.

Having a dedicated page to send customers to leave reviews offers three big benefits:

  • Business cards were created with the link to the review funnel that Sarah and Karima could hand to their clients as they leave the courtroom. This personal request for a review results in a lot more reviews being left.
  • Clients are more likely to leave reviews in multiple locations since it only takes a click of a button as opposed to having to search for the right place to leave the review
  • By using a dedicated domain and not including the review funnel on the main website, it protects the wrong people from finding it, ensuring the only people that visit are those that are asked

The Results We Produced

It’s been but a short time since this project was completed, but results are already starting to show. Loftin and Masri are showing up on Google maps as well as organic search results in both locations.

They have already started collecting reviews through their review funnels which will build up and become more and more valuable over time.

Lastly, Sarah has freed herself from having to worry about anything web related as everything is taken care of by Adapt Digital Solutions.

What We Learned

We learn from every project we complete. This one was particularly special because both Sarah and Karima are amazing at what they do, and are working tirelessly practicing law and advocating for immigrants all over the world.

This project taught a lot of lessons about marketing for businesses in multiple states. Each location really needs to be treated like its own entity, but at the same time, the Brand’s Image must be consistent across the entire web. It presents many challenges but also many opportunities, as most websites are not set up correctly to deal with these issues, so it’s sometimes easier to break into a new market or even an old market, as long as you practice proper SEO fundamentals.


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